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Growing up surrounded by the natural beauty of New England, its classic architecture  and rugged landscapes has always inspired me to draw. With a perennial gardener for a mother and an artistic craftsman for a father, appreciating nature and art came naturally.  My fine art training in college helped develop my eye for line, color, and form. The beauty of the Lord's creation compels me to design.




I studied fine art at Union College in Schenectady, New York, where professor Arnold Bittleman gave me an appreciation for intricately detailed artwork. Union provided me the opportunity to travel to Italy to study art for a semester. After college I began to focus on architecture, creating fine line pen-and-ink drawings of homes, barns, churches, often focusing on their entranceways..  


My first book illustration job began in 2013, when a former art and floral client approached me about illustrating her children's book.  This job reconnected me with the amazing medium of watercolor.  As of 2023, I have illustrated sixteen children's books.

Carol Quirk                                         

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